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Company Introduction

Guangzhou Changfeng Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional modern firm to provide industrial doors with superior quality. We have been engaged in high-speed doors’ research, producing, marketing and installation in South of China since 2002. In recent years the continuous efforts and accumulated experience made the company won a good reputation and by keeping the principle of "EXCELLENT QUALITY, COMPETITIVE PRICE, SUPERIOR SERVICE", most of which have established a long-term cooperation with us. The annual sales always is the No.1 in the South of China.

   Based on the advanced technology of Germany, the company has the high-class intelligent system of security and operation in the world. The products of high-speed door are speedy, safety, durable and economic. The can totally meet the strict requires from any industrial condition, such as electronics, pharmacy, food, plastic, chemistry, package, printing, textile, automobile, logistics, etc.

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