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Decoration selected doors must-see three important indicators
admin  2012-7-24 10:48:26
In the selection and evaluation of the quality of the pros and cons of a wooden door brand depends on three important indicators: the professional technology, quality, and performance.

1 process

The doors of a multi-link, multi-step processing products, professional doors process is critical to determine the durability of wooden doors, durability and service life. Each leaf doors must be unique Process through professional equipment, changing the fiber structure of the wood, while effectively control the expansion of the timber so that the doors of the structure is more stable, durable, meet different climatic conditions. The paint surface treatment requires not only improve the wear resistance of the wooden doors and perception, and excellent environmental performance. Wooden doors and door installation requires the installation of holistic, reduce on-site installation time, eliminate noise and environmental pollution, factory processing.

2 quality

The quality of the product, we must rely on the expertise and state-of-the-art processing equipment, the use of modern means of processing, supplemented by scientific quality management system and strict style of work, so that the product has always maintained the quality of high-quality. The strict selection and first-class quality is just one aspect of the boutique, another aspect of the artistic design. The doors of segregation, not just the room more decorative arts. The doors of all design styles should have its design philosophy and culture, into the room will feel the doors of the cultural connotation and artistic charm.

3 Performance

After the double protection of the process and the quality of the performance of the wooden doors eligibility test the product meets the need to use the last process, can withstand the impact of the number of kg the standard deformation degree, environmental indicators, and the finished product moisture content, and so on, but consumers do not have to worry about, because the professional level wooden door manufacturer provides test data and national standards of national authoritative departments, as consumers choose reference.
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