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Industrial sectional door
Industrial sectional door

                     Industrial sectional door 

Changfeng industrial sectional door is designed for those customers who need good heat isolation performance and space-saving exterior door. The sectional door can be completely opened up to the building ceiling; its excellent heat isolation performance is supported by high quantity sandwich-style door panel. According to different site condition, variety of installation methods can choose.


l       Technical information

Door panel dimension width

(Max.) 12m

Door hole height

(Max.) 8.5m

Thickness of door panel

45mm, heat resisting coefficient is 18.25

Panel surface

polyester surface treatment


Milk-white, almond-yellow, brown

(other color can be order).

Side frame

2 inch (51mm), hot galvanized plate. With standard rail, low ceiling rail, high ceiling rail, vertical lifting rail and special angel rail as option.

Balance system

External torsion spring balance system.

Torsion spring life cycle

 500,000-1000,000 cycles


 U-shape vinyl bottom seal and seal between panels guarantee frost-free, moisture-free and water-proof

Vision window

 several of size as option

Power voltage

 AC 200V, 50Hz

Driven way

 direct-shaft driven, in-direct chain driven

Output torque


Position limit

 mechanical or electric

Motor speed


Open speed

 133mm/s (UNI 8612 standard)

Open cycle/per day

 100 cycles

Working temperature

 -25 to 60

Manual operation

 manual operation with chain (clutch)

Remote control

 wireless remote controller can be provided as option

Industrial bearing bracket

Can carry heavy duty operation

Control box

 AC 24V, one-touch control, emergency stop/

Safety device

1. Pneumatic safety device

2. Infrared safety protection device


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