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Rapid stacking door CF600
Rapid stacking door CF600

Rapid stacking-up door CF600

l        Application

Suitable for large size opening, strong wind resistance about 90kg/ specially good for outdoor application, belt pulling structure-fold and stack up of door curtain when open. High utilization rate up to 1500 cycle per day

l        Air seal

Air seal, dust-free, high reliability, easy to clean, CMP qualified

l        High opening and closing speed

1-1.5 m/s opening speed, high efficiency, energy saving

l        Safety

Infra-red photo electric sensor and safety bottom beam makes door reversed when they are activated, comply with European standard

l        High reliability

Simple structure and high quality components guarantee the high performance and reliability

l        Drive system

SEW brake motor, P55, 0.75-1.5kw, 3 phase 380v and high efficiency low noise gearbox

l        Control box

MITSUBISHI PLC + frequency converter

l        Door curtain material

0.8-1.2-1.5mm thickness high tensile industry fabric, horizontal vision panel as option, color: yellow, blue, orange, white

l        Side frame

Side frame is made by cold rolling steel sheet. Different color of surface power coating can be chosen after side frame processing finish.

l        Activators for door opening control

Variety actuator: 1, radar; 2, push button; 3, loop detector; 4, remote controller; 5, pull rope switch; 6, interlock function (option)

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