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Rapid roll door CF420
Rapid roll door CF420

Rapid roll door CF420 

l        Characteristics

The material is flexible, using high tensile industrial woven fabric door curtain with smooth moisture-free surface.

Build in spring balance system is either used for keeping the door curtain in tension status to resist strong wind or balancing the weight of the curtain to reduce the load of the motor.

Infra-red photoelectric sensor plus safety bottom beam make the closing door reverse when one of them activated.

l        Door curtain


 2mm thick high tensile industrial woven fabric


 horizontal/vertical vision PVC window

Wind resistance

 15 m/s

Tensile strength

 17 Akn/m

l        Color

Blue, orange, transparent

l        Control system

PLC + high performance frequency converter

l        Open/close speed

Range: 1.5m/s–2.0m/s

l        Safety system

Safety bottom beam, photoelectric sensor, manual open system

l        Balance system

Spring balance system, keeping the curtain vertical, opening smooth and comfortable


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