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Rapid roll door CF200
Rapid roll door CF200 Rapid roll door CF200 Rapid roll door CF200

 Rapid roll door CF200

l       Requirement from factory

The production and distribution process of customers require rapid flow of material, to reduce the access time and save energy, the high speed, safety and reliable doors are necessary. Changfeng industrial doors are designed to fulfill this requirement. Tailor made special model are available to meet the requirement of application like: food, pharmaceutical, electric, printing, textile, cigarette, clean room, etc. By using such doors, cold air or warm air can be kept, also space isolation is fulfilled.

l      Air seal

Dust-free, high reliability, easy to clean, CMP (Communications plenum cable) qualified

l       High speed

Minimum control speed: 1m/s-1.5 m/s. It is and essential factor to lower the risk of door being hit by fork lift and to achieve energy saving.

l       Safety

All of Changfeng doors are equipped with infra-red photoelectric senor and safety bottom beam, when the bottom beam is hit or the photoelectric sensor is activated during the door is closing, it will reverse. All the Changfeng doors meet the European safety standard.

l       Self-repair

Since now and then for the fast moving doors, being shocked can not be avoided, high cost of maintain must be paid. While the entire Changfeng instant door has a kind of auto-digression system, which can we shortly restored without any tool.

l       High reliability

Simply structure, solid and durable, door can be manually open when electric power is cut off.


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